World Class EAS Detection Capability in Traditional Form Factor-The Clarity System

World Class EAS Detection Capability in Traditional Form Factor-The Clarity System

The Clarity System is a traditional Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antenna featuring next generation technology.

The Clarity system fills a need in the market for a traditional EAS antenna which looks and works better than what is currently being offered out there in the field. The Clarity is complementary to our flagship INEO analytics and digital signage system in that it will sell in places where digital signage is not a good fit.

The INEO Clarity is made in Canada from high tensile strength clear acrylic, giving it a modern, elegant look. The INEO Clarity’s profile allows it to blend in with the lines and decor of your store while at the same time being a strong, capable visual deterrent for theft. Beyond the visual deterrent aspect the INEO Clarity, it is among the best products on the market for detecting security tags and labels as a would be shoplifter tries to take articles from your store.

The detection capability of the INEO Clarity is provided by the advanced INEO A208 Circuit Board. The A208 Circuit Board is the most versatile and feature rich circuit board available for incorporating into Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems. The swept frequency aspect of the A208 Circuit Board makes it ideal for systems used to detect low cost hard tags and labels as it is able to pick up a range of frequencies around the primary frequency band. Furthermore, the tuning abilities on the board allow for solid sensitivity adjustments in order to eliminate signals from environmental factors.

The INEO Clarity has a range of 1.2-1.8m for hard tags and 1.0-1.3m for labels. This range can be modified based upon the tuning of the board in conjunction with type of tags being used and environmental factors in the location where the system is deployed.

The INEO Clarity is an eco-friendly product, requiring only 200mA of power to operate. It requires a standard 120V outlet and connects via a low voltage plug and cord (similar to a cell phone charging cable) negating the need for any expensive electrical work to be installed.

The INEO Clarity is backed by a 12 month comprehensive warranty and a 24 month warranty against defect or component failure.


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