INEO’s Artificial Intelligence solutions along with its unique use of Edge Processing and Cloud Computing provides advanced solutions for retailers and advertisers

Explore the ways to use store data to connect with consumers

Explore how INEO’s AI combat store theft and organized crime

First Party Data

Data is available to INEO's retailer partners via a Cloud Dashboard data stream or file transfer Data for INEO' smedia partners

Visitor Reporting

INEO' s Al capabilities deliver accurate costumer counts to the store operations team

Neighborhood Profiling

Using the retailer's first party data, INEO is able to create a store profile and the profile of each store's trading area for retail media targeting

Loss Prevention Reporting

INEO delivers detailed reporting on loss prevention alarm events including video of each event

Ad play reporting

INEO delivers advertisers Proof-of-Play reporting as well as impression and traffic data


INEO ORCA utilizes AI to provide exception reporting to alert the Loss Prevention team of possible Organized Retail Crime activity.

Swiftly analyzes loss prevention alarm videos, pinpointing similarities with past events at the store or nearby locations.

Adheres to privacy laws, seamlessly operating within the established legal framework.

Employs cutting-edge neural networks for video and image analysis, ensuring precision without generating biometric numerical profiles.

Tailor your exception reporting to your need – choose from hourly, daily, or weekly intervals.

Swap manual scrutiny with efficiency: ORCA autonomously compares video clips of loss prevention events captured by the INEO Welcoming System against those from the same store and designated stores in the same trading area.

Triggers exception reporting upon detecting an image match – effortless vigilance at your fingerprint.

Channels report directly to designated Loss Prevention personnel for human oversight – seamless integration for decisive action

How does it work?

INEO ORCA’s AI swiftly and precisely analyzes alarm events captured by the 24 frames per second INEO Welcoming System’s Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) capabilities. Extracting frames for comparison, it maintains the original video’s integrity and privacy by deleting the extracted images after analysis.

INEO ORCA analyzes image captures from loss prevention events, specifically when the Welcoming System detects tagged merchandise leaving the store. Users can customize comparison parameters for historical events and other stores. A null event results from no match, while a match triggers an exception report sent to Loss Prevention personnel for human analysis, referencing relevant video clips.

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