Why DOOH is Essential For Your Spring and Summer Marketing Campaigns

Why DOOH is Essential For Your Spring and Summer Marketing Campaigns

As summer approaches and our pre-pandemic lives reemerge, advertisers must utilize effective campaign marketing efforts to reach consumers who are out and about again. Digital out-of-home offers strong advantages that allow brands flexible ways to approach campaigns based on business needs during this highly anticipated and fast-paced season. DOOH allows businesses and brands at every stage to more effectively utilize this channel to its fullest capacity.

Readjusting to pre-pandemic life

Families across the world are changing their behaviors as travel resurfaces and different restrictions are established across the country. Brands have a major opportunity to have everyone get acquainted with a new version of summer – think of ways to keep youngsters amused, hold social activities in the backyard, and recreate summer activities at home, to name a few. Advertisers who use programmatic out-of-home gain an advantage by reaching consumers at locations where they are likely to return to, prior to COVID-19.

Utilizing the Weather

Weather triggers are a surprising way advertisers can use programmatic OOH media to speak to potential customers. INEO’s advanced AI can trigger specific messaging, based on the weather in the areas you’re advertising in. Messaging tailored to this specific trigger has a higher chance of engaging and influencing customers to purchase. If you’re a lifestyle brand that recently launched a line of skin protective summer products, such as sunscreen. You can use environmental cues to only activate media when the UV index is high and/or the temperature exceeds a defined level.

Or your company is advertising a brand-new patio with summer drinks. Promoting the patio, and drinks when the temperature reaches a certain level is a great way to influence customers to visit your bar or restaurant. Using weather cues, such as temperature, and geofences to advertise at a specific location, and radius is incredibly effective.

Plan your promotions

Brands can quickly publish and activate a selection of creatives on DOOH, ensuring that their content is the most relevant for the time, audience, and area. Marketers can also modify their creatives depending on the nature of venue, ensuring that each message is relevant to the customers’ actual situation. Let’s suppose you’re a chain retailer who runs advertisements all year long based on yearly holidays or festivities. Promote your summer goods using DOOH’s advanced technology. You may effortlessly market garden furniture and a grilling set for your summer promotions in one convenient campaign, then alter your creatives to showcase school and office goods as back-to-school season approaches. Furthermore, alcoholic beverage brands wishing to promote its ice-cold beverages for the summer may customize its creatives by location category to display time related messaging or offers. Marketers can convey one message to customers who are on the way to making a purchase (in transit, on billboards, or at the salon), and a different one to consumers who are in the business and ready to buy an item (in liquor stores, gas stations or convenience stores).

Wherever you plan to advertise, DOOH should be an essential part of your plan to reach new customers every day. Get started by reaching out to our Media and Ads team, at 604-244-1895.

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