Today’s retail security systems are smarter than ever, systems can provide more options to support your business in more roles than previously thought. Retail security systems can provide safety in several ways, allow you to track and protect employees, and meet insurance requirements, but why stop there. The front of the retail space is the most critical area in your store. This is the first thing customer see as they walk in, and the last thing as they exit the store. Why not take advantage of this space and turn it into a space that works for you in the form of advertising. This is where the INEO Welcoming Pedestal comes in.

The INEO welcoming pedestal is one of the best security options out there due to the versatile reach the system has. Let’s start off with one of the biggest advantages that the INEO Welcoming pedestal has to offer, Digital Advertising. Use the system to show off daily or weekly flyers and deals, special in-store messaging, local news, or promote specific items or dates. As stated earlier, the front end of the store is the highest traffic area, having a small digital billboard as the first thing customers see can help produce higher growth in areas or products otherwise unknown.

Next, let’s hit on the Artificial Intelligence side of the INEO Welcoming Pedestal. Ever wonder what kind of demographic your store seems to attract the most. Want an idea of age, gender, and even the potential income level of your customers. The INEO Welcoming Pedestal can provide a summary of all those things as customers enter and exit the store. With this information, as a store owner, you now have the knowledge of the typical type of person that enters your store, and you can advertise accordingly to maximize sales.

It’s great that the INEO Welcoming Pedestal offers these things but how can you as a store owner access all this information. Thankfully INEO provides a dashboard that shows off all the analytics captured by the Welcoming Pedestal. More importantly, this is where you can also view incidents that may have happened in a day. The INEO Welcoming Pedestal records and stores a video of when the alarm is triggered. This video ranges from the first 10 seconds to the next 10 seconds to follow in the event of possible theft and the alarm sounds.

Not only is the INEO Welcoming Pedestal great for reaching out to customers by showing off promotions but it is also great for loss prevention. These are just a few examples of why the statement “The INEO welcoming pedestal is one of the best security options out there” is more than just a statement, is something that can even be backed up.

Interested in getting your hands on the one best features to add to a store? Be sure to reach out and connect with INEO at [email protected] or call 1-833-244-1895 and find out how your store could even receive one of these units for free!

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