The Greatness that is DOOH

The Greatness that is DOOH

What is digital out-of-home media and how does it work? Digital out-of-home media, or DOOH media for short, refers to digital media that appears in environments accessible to the public. This includes things like digital billboards, outdoor signage like bus stops, as well as screens found in malls or retail stores. One of the best things about DOOH is, it can be seen everywhere. A few examples of where DOOH is used often would be:

  • shopping malls and retail stores
  • Movie theaters and arenas
  • Waiting rooms
  • airports and most forms of plublic transit
  • along major roadways

One of many great benefits of DOOH media is the ability to choose when and where to post content but it can expand a lot further than that. Here are 5 more important ways to track your DOOH attributes:

1. Leverage Anonymous GPS data

By leveraging anonymous mobile GPS data, your brand can determine how your advertisements are being consumed and by whom. This includes who the DOOH ad units have been exposed to, past visitation frequency to your store location and whether that individual entered your store’s geo-fenced perimeter after being ng near your message. This technology connects digital signals to physical places.

2. Create Geo-Fences Around DOOH Activations or use Mobile Extensions

By creating geofences around DOOH unit locations where your message is being displayed, your brand generates a mobile extension, allowing you to understand your general audience that then extends to the ability to create ads that relate more to that audience.

3. Generate QR or Social Scan Codes on Your Creative

By implementing QR or social scan codes within your physical message, your brand is granted the ability to measure direct attribution. Another advantage is that QR and social scan codes typically foster high-intent leads since your viewer is performing a conversion-based action.

4. Create a Call-to-Action that Includes a Special Landing Page or SMS Request

Attribute conversions by executing a call-to-action that designates an SMS text message communication post-interaction. Because of this, your brand can measure the number of unique tests sent out and continue the conversation with most-qualified leads.

5. Report on General Online Lift and Sales Lift

If your campaign is geo-targeted to specific markets or ZIP Codes, DOOH effectiveness can be measured and correlated with site traffic, organic searches, and the increase of product sales within those geographies that your DOOH campaign is running in, compared to markets you are not activating DOOH.

Though DOOH is already largely underway when regarding its impact on key advertising metrics, DOOH inventory and location frequency, visitation, and intelligence are only expected to advance significantly… and quickly. DOOH attribution will continue to become more data focused as additional innovative technologies strengthen the correlation between smartphone data and public outdoor display units.

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