Meet INEO’s Newest Product: The INEO Media Player

Meet INEO’s Newest Product: The INEO Media Player

At INEO we are always looking to add new and innovative products to our catalogue. When we are designing these new products, our driving focus is always to create something that will solve a problem for our customers. One of the top requests from our customers over the years was to have Welcoming Systems that took up less space and that could be placed throughout a store. With the launch of the INEO Media Player, we have solved both problems in one fell swoop.

The new Media Player has three components: an HD, high-wattage commercial screen, a wall mount specifically designed to work on any surface and an INEO Spark processing unit. The new Media Player is a cost-effective addition to any commercial setting as a stand-alone system or paired with the already proven INEO Welcoming Pedestal. This allows a store to deploy more advertising screens than was possible with the Welcoming Pedestal. Stores can now have INEO screens advertising specials for specific departments in those departments. Additionally, the INEO Media Player can be deployed in high places allowing stores to place it in a strategic, high-up location which will allow customers to see the screen throughout a store.

However, the most exciting aspect of the Media Player is the flexibility it provides stores. It can be deployed in tandem with the traditional Welcoming System or on its own. It can take advantage of INEO’s customer analytics AI, or it can omit these features for stores that might be privacy sensitive. A store could place as many as they would like. The lower cost and the custom-designed wall mount mean that INEO screens no longer must be just limited to the entrances and exits of a store, they can be deployed everywhere in a store.

To give an example of how the Media Player can transform a store, let me refer to one of the trial stores, a large liquor store on Vancouver Island. This store was an early adopter of the INEO Welcoming System and loved the loss prevention and customer messaging features of the system. However, they were always asking us if there was a way, they could have a Welcoming Pedestal for each one of their different liquor sections. Unfortunately, having a Welcoming Pedestal for each section would not be practical both monetarily and space wise. Now with the Media Player they can have custom messaging in each one of their sections. It has allowed them to put up promotions specific to each section on the screen located in that section. This store has seen a boost in sales and customer satisfaction at the same time.

With final testing trials being wrapped up, the INEO Media Player is now ready to roll-out worldwide. If anything in this piece has interested you, please contact us, at [email protected]. We would love to have a discussion with you about how INEO can improve both you and your customers experience.

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