Introducing The INEO Welcoming Player

Introducing The INEO Welcoming Player

Imagine yourself walking down the street and seeing a dynamic screen with a display ad directly targeted at you. That is the future of Digital Out-Of-Home media, or DOOH media.

Over the last few years Digital Out-Of-Home media and its presence in the public eye has skyrocketed to new heights. DOOH can offer strategic marketing to its users along with real time traffic data. DOOH is completely immune to ad blockers and better yet, cannot be skipped by a user.

With the INEO Welcoming Player we strive to take another step towards retailers expanding their DOOH media. We have tackled advertising in the front of the store with our high demand INEO Welcoming Pedestal, the key component to the INEO Welcoming System, but now it is time to tackle the rest of the store.

The INEO Welcoming Player, the Company’s next generation Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising system is designed to be a companion product within the patented INEO Welcoming System. The INEO Welcoming Player works in tandem with the INEO Welcoming Pedestal to provide the next level of digital advertising within a retail store. The INEO Welcoming Player has currently completed its trial run in select stores and is set to be deployed in several retail locations across North America in the coming weeks.

The new product is manufactured to fit between a TV and a wall mount allowing the store to pick the most optimal position. Additionally, the INEO Welcoming Player can work as a standalone product but is the most powerful when paired within The INEO Welcoming System. A retailer with a large space, or multiple rooms can pair multiple Welcoming Players with their current Welcoming Pedestal to broaden digital advertising reach and coverage across the entirety of the retail location.

We hope to take our current and future customers to new heights with this new product so we can all shoot for the stars and broaden our scope when it comes to DOOH media.

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