About INEO

Based out of Surrey, British Columbia, INEO Tech Corp. provides retailers with targeted digital advertising and customer analytics solutions integrated with theft protection systems. INEO’s patented technology allows it to install digital advertising screens and data capture devices in loss prevention systems located at the retail store’s most valuable real estate — its front entrance. The company then leverages this location by developing and operating the INEO Media Network which provides brands and retailers with location-based analytics and the ability to deliver advertising to customers at the entrance of retail locations. INEO is reinventing retail loss prevention technology as a data capture and digital signage platform. INEO’s cutting edge technology is proprietary and the company continues to add new features and release new products with great velocity. The company employs a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model where substantially all the company’s revenue is subscription-based revenue which provides excellent revenue predictability and cash flow visibility.

INEO Corporate Presentation and INEO Fact Sheet

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